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A series of resources on the deathcare, deathtech, and bereavement experience category news, events, opinions, trends, and the voices that build this industry. Around is in Chandigarh, India.


End Well 2023, November 23, in Los Angeles, CA (see event details)

After Life: A History of Death Exhibition Launch, 27 Oct 2023 to 05 July 2024 (see event details)

Practices of Composting + Hospicing, by Stewarding Loss, on 20 Oct 2023 (see event details)

Closing Well. Composting our Networks when it’s Time (see event details)

News and opinions

Opinion: The Hidden Dangers of Pathologizing Grief, by Undark (see the post)

Essay: Seeing grieving as learning explains why the process takes time (see the essay)

Visual: 10 ways grief is like extreme weather, by Jessica Hagy (see the post)

Post: Death & the collective imagination: Exploring the transformative potential of loss, by Ally Kingston (see the post)

Blog post: Speaking to a bereaved colleague (see the post)

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  • Allowing to grieve when it matters (Star Tribune)
  • Talking about death over a dinner table (The Atlantic)
  • A doctor writes to their ICU patient family (Brie Gowen)