A calming bereavement experience.

Personalized stories and post-life services. Post-life planning tool.

A personalized and unified experience building stories for someone who has died recently, raising funds for their family.

All post-life services in grief, legal and will, alternate and green funerals, bereavement leave, digital vault, and post-life wishes and checklists.

Obituaries. Deep essays. Thoughtful conversations. Post-life services.

To lose someone is painful. Around makes it calming.

Post life planning

Make it easier for your loved ones

Use our post-life planning tool for your wishlist, checklist, and legacy, to make it easier for your loved ones and your family.

Services for you. We are Around

Grief therapists. Digital vault. Green and alternate funerals. Will and probate. Post-life checklists. Corporate bereavement plans. Events streaming.

Our partners—we cannot build it alone.

We are building bridges with a stack of services and solutions in the deathcare, deathtech, and bereavements category. Write to us for partnership details.

For a calming bereavement experience.


I am Vinish Garg, one of the co-founders of Around, based in Chandigarh, India. The founders’ team have many years of working with global growing teams, and we bring a business driven thinking into products, and system thinking approach while designing businesses. (My LinkedIn.)