Making a positive difference

Partner with Around

Around believes that meaningful partnerships are important for building a positive bereavement experience for the people.

Whether the individual or their family or loved ones are prepared to see someone’s death or they have recently seen someone dying—we can make a timely contribution to their immediate needs.

To lose someone is painful. Around makes it calming.

Are you working in any of these deathcare services

  • Grief therapy and coaching
  • Will and probate
  • Real estate legal advice
  • Digital vault
  • Notifying the people, departments, banks, and other institutes
  • Green and alternate funerals
  • Ashes to gifts
  • Events—streaming and recordings
  • Corporate bereavement plans

Share your services' details and let's discuss.

We shall find the best partnership programs depending on your services’ stack, goals, and any other criteria or preferences that you have.